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4.4 ( 8144 ratings )
Desporto Health & Fitness
Developer: adicto
3.99 USD

Animated tactics board for many ball sports.
This app has two features - reproduction of curved action for players and ball, converting to high quality movie file (MPEG4) - other similar apps dont have them.

◎Ice Hockey
◎Roller Hockey (5 on 5)
◎Volleyball (6 on 6)

*Create animation connecting scenes - players and ball placed on board
*Can share animation converting to MPEG4 or PDF

*Create tactics animation up to 99 scenes or less
*Reproduction of curved action for players and ball
*Reverse play
*Change play speed
*Draw on the board using three colors that home team color and away team color and ball color
*Change player name and number
*Change team color and starting formation
*Change color for goalkeeper or libero
*Reproduction of large field by scroll view (except Volleyball)